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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Sparkbrook polling station to change after voter intimidation

Left: Sparkbrook Respect Councillor Salma Yaqoob shared a platform with

Jesse Jackson (false rape allegation supporter)

and Lee Jasper (disgraced black charity fraudster)

at the ANNUAL EQUANOMICS UK CONVENTION - Birmingham 30.11.08 .

This event had the subtitle of 'THE BARACK OBAMA RIPPLE EFFECT'. In other words, now Obama is in power we are going to flood your political bodies with non European ethnics. And if you (whitey) dare raise a whimper.... you know the rest.

Background to story: September 2009

Sparkbrook postal fraud

Birmingham polling station to change after voter intimidation March 2010

INTIMIDATION and harassment at a Birmingham polling station has led the city council to promise a new venue will be used for the General Election.

It follows warnings that voters in previous elections were forced to walk through a “a cacophony of sound” as supporters of rival candidates shouted at them on their way to the ballot box.

Voters in Sparkbrook are to have a new polling station at Sparkhill Methodist Church, following complaints about the behaviour of campaigners at Conway Primary School Polling Station in recent elections. Read more



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