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Saturday, 6 March 2010

Unite Against Freedom only manage 50 activists for Geert Wilders protest

Left: A UAF activist.

Despite desperate pleas to mobilize against the EDL and Geert Wilders in Westminster, Unite Against Freedom could only muster a mere 50 activists! The situation is so embarrisng for the far left, both Lancaster Unity and Socialist Unity seem to have removed the blog entry calling for "mass mobilization"!

Dear oh dear! Even Weyman Bennett leader of UAF was absent. No sign of the Union flag hating Martin Smith either! Trans-sexual Tara must have had other plans also because he/she was no-where in sight!

Friday 5th March 2010 is a day to remember, for freedom of speech made a slight return in Britain. Geert Wilders was free to enter and leave the country, the EDL protested against militant Islam, and a brief period of sanity graced our shores once more.


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