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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Britains Albert Einstein - Mr Stephen Hawkins to leave Britain in protest of University cuts

Left: physicist Stephen Hawking with his first wife Jane - 1965.

While Britain gives away 8 billion a year in foreign aid, and squanders approx 8.8 billion on ungrateful immigrants, university budgets are being slashed!

David Lammy Labour MP is our Minister for Higher Education. He has voiced his opinion recently that the cuts won't be noticeable. I think i will listen to Mr Hawkins wisdom on this one David.

The Mail reports: Professor Stephen Hawking is planning to abandon Cambridge University after nearly 50 years and move to Canada in protest at Government cuts.
The world's most famous physicist has become frustrated with falling university budgets, which he believes are scuppering scientific discoveries.

The departure of Professor Hawking, who began work in Cambridge in 1962, would be a massive blow to the university and to British scholarship. Read more

The Telegraph reports:

David Lammy has held jobs in four government departments in the past few years. Such a swift canter round Whitehall can indicate star quality, a political throroughbred being put through his paces en route for high office. Not, alas, in Lammy’s case. His ministerial career is more a game of pass the parcel.

The last time Lammy was let out on his own was for a celebrity edition of Mastermind in which he came last. Sample question: who acceded to the English throne at the age of 9 on the death of his father Henry VIII in 1547? Answer: Henry VII. Read more

Why is someone so clearly inept in such an important position?
Clue; he is on the 100 greatest black Britains list. As are these two below.


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