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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Wilders is coming to Britain to bolster support for the BNP claims Socialist Worker rag

Left: Free speech hero Geert Wilders. The leader of The Dutch Peoples Party (PVV) is coming to the commons on Friday 5th March to show his film Fitna.

The Marxist 'Socialist worker' rag seems confused and suggest he is coming to support the BNP? They encourage anti-fascists (yawn) to protest against him on the day.

A sad day for the disgraced (and sacked) Jacqui Smith no doubt who rallied to get the Dutch politician deported last time he arrived in the U.K

In contrast the Socialist Worker has been silent over Harriet Harmans anti white affirmitive action laws. These measures mean white men can be rejected for employment, or University places, even if they have better qualifications and credentials! That in itself shows how utterly deranged those on the left of British politics are. Their appeasment of militant Islam is further evidence.

Support Geert!


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