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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

George Galloway MP demands Labour candidate be sacked

Left: George Galloway with his friend Saddam Hussein.

George Galloway wants a Labour party candidate sacked for putting the following comment on his Facebook page; “Graham Taylor is off to that centre of Islamic fundamentalism - Tower Hamlets Town Hall”.

Galloway has to act on behalf of his Muslim masters. For Muslims made Galloway the first Respect MP. Without the Muslim vote Galloway would be finished.

The Socialist Unity blog reports: Galloway demands Labour sacks agent after Islamophobic and racist comments (now proven to be true).

George Galloway has written to Labour’s General Secretary Ray Collins, MP Jim Fitzpatrick and Labour candidate Rushanara Ali, demanding Tower Hamlets Labour Party election agent and council candidate Graham Taylor should be sacked and disciplinary action taken against him and other members. This follows Islamophobic and racist comments appearing on Taylor’s Facebook.

Taylor attended a meeting on election arrangements at Tower Hamlets Town Hall with the chief executive Kevan Collins, chief legal officer Isabella Freeman and chief elections officer Louise Stamp, on Monday evening. Read more

George Galloway (L) hugs Senior Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh in Gaza

Galloway defends 'Under cover Mosque' findings

Galloways corruption and Arabian incomes.

Galloway with his Respect party leadership successor Salma Yaqoob.

If you know anyone who is thinking of voting for the anti British Respect Party then please inform them how Respect are only interested in Muslims.

Encourage then to have a look at Dispatches 'Britains Islamic Republic' programme which is on this blog and utube.


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