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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Poorva Joshipura Director of (Peta) calls dog owners Nazis for breeding pedigree pooches

Director of special projects at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) has organised a protest against the Crufts dog show. She claims that pedigree breeders are "creating a Frankenstein's monster of a dog".

Although selective breeding in horses and dogs has been practiced in the West for centuries, Poorva Joshipura has decided anyone who breeds pedigrees is a Nazi! Joshipura supported the fine for I'm a celebrity when one of the contestants killed a rat.

Spokeswoman Poorva Joshipura said: "Whether you call it 'pedigree' or 'master race', the quest for pure bloodlines is the same thing - the false and dangerous belief that some breeds or races are superior to others."

Typical left wing thinking which ignors scientific facts. Why are Labradors used as guide dogs? Because they are very intelligent dogs. A Rottweiler would not be suitable as they are clearly unintelligent (in comparison) and have a temper.

You can be sure that is only the beginning of such protests and their real aim is to rubbish advances made in Genetics. The left are working there way up to people because, as the Human Genome project has proven, races are different, physically and intellectually. Eugenics never went away, it was just taboo for a time.

African Villager

European Astronauts

The Sunday Mercury reports: Crufts dog show is to begin in Birmingham amid claims that pedigree breeders are "creating a Frankenstein's monster of a dog".

Protesters from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) will gather outside the National Exhibition Centre, where the four-day event is held, with banners bearing the slogan: "Hitler Would Be Proud".
The campaigners will also display posters featuring a white Maltese dog, pictured with a black comb placed across its upper lip to make it look as if it has an Adolf Hitler-style moustache. Read More


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