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Monday, 8 March 2010

Zimbabwean Asylum seekers who celebrated raping 13-year-old girl locked up

Two Zimbabweans have shown their gratitude to British hospitality by raping a 13 year old school girl. If Labour enforced international law this would not have happened. Asylum seekers are supposed to go to the nearest safe country!

The Independent reports: Two men who celebrated raping a 13-year-old girl by giving each other a high-five were starting sentences today.

Walter Mwale, 19, and 22-year-old Elvis Taona began talking to the teenager and her friends, some of whom they knew, on the afternoon of July 29 last year.

The girl had been drinking vodka in Aylesbury town centre, Buckinghamshire, and was drunk by the time the men approached their group, Oxford Crown Court heard.

Mwale and Taona took the girl to a wheelie bin store in a nearby block of flats in the Prebendal Farm area of Aylesbury, where they both raped her in an attack described by Judge Julian Hall as "sordid".

Her ordeal came to an end when one of her friends opened the store cupboard door and found her there in a distressed state.

The two men were then seen by another one of the girls to high-five each other in celebration. Read more


Anonymous 11 July 2010 at 13:22  

Black Zimbabweans, should be kicked out of Uk. just in Harlow UK alone, Zibarabweans have been responsible of murder, rape violence and deceipt, I lived there for 2 years with a west African Women.

Whilst living in Harlow for the 2 years, I met 5 Zimbabweans.

1st has HIV and goes round prostitutng and sleeping with white men(unprotected).

2nd Had a child with a Nigerian Illeagal imergrant, she led him to beleive she had stay in the UK, Now he disapeared after finding out she is illeagal to. Now the child will grow up with out a father because of her selfishness, least she had a man maid for 5 years.

3rd beat my Ex up and done a runner when I left her alone with him for 5 mins when I went to colloect the car from the car park.

4th was married to a white women they had a child together, he killed her now the child has no mother or father.

5th had a white girlfriend, he came home one night with another women, tied her up and raped her with the other women, then left her tied up so tightly for so long, she is now parilysed in 1 arm.

They are the only Black Zimbabwaens I have ever met.

The facts speak for them selves.

Anonymous 9 January 2012 at 11:02  

jsd these are unsubstantiated remarks and all i say is get a life, funny post.

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