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Friday, 19 March 2010

Another elderly (white) patient dies at Heartlands Hospital - 3 falls “contributory cause” says pathologist

Left: Joyce Maureen Dempster.

Mrs Dempster was referred to Heartlands by her GP after complaints of nausea and acute abdominal pains. Heartlands Hospital, in Bordsley Green Birmingham, has a high number of immigrants, and descendants of immigrants on its staff. The hospital has a history of neglect, leading to death of our senior citizens.

The Birmingham Mail 18/03/2010

THE family of a Birmingham woman whose death was partly caused by several falls in hospital are considering legal action.Joyce Maureen Dempster fell over three times in the space of two days while in the care of Heartlands Hospital in June last year.

At the inquest into her death it emerged how a Falls Care Plan, a new measure to help nurses stop vulnerable patients falling over, should have been implemented after her first fall, but was not introduced until after Mrs Dempster’s third.
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Left: 76 year old Bernard Galloway

September 19th 2008 A BIRMINGHAM hospital (Heartlands) is to be reported to Justice Minister Jack Straw over a catalogue of blunders surrounding the death of an elderly patient who died from superbug Clostridium difficile(C.diff).

City coroner Aidan Cotter recorded a verdict yesterday that Bernard Galloway died from natural causes after receiving an unsatisfactory standard of medical care at Heartlands Hospital over the preceding two days. Read more


An inquest is due to begin on Monday 21st December, to investigate the circumstances which led to the death of a 64 year old woman at Heartlands Hospital in Birmingham.

Mother of four, Rosemary McFarlane, from Kingshurst, Birmingham, was admitted to Heartlands Hospital on 4th August 2008. On 12th August she underwent a routine bronchial lavage procedure.

She died ten days later on 22nd August 2008. Mrs McFarlane, known to family and friends as Marie, leaves behind a husband, Ian, and five grandchildren. Read more

No more third world nurses, doctors, or consultants need be recruited for Britain. When Liberals (and immigrants) say the NHS would collapse without them it is an insult to our intelligence! We can train our own medical staff and although there is always the possibility of human error, such error obviously is less likely when English is the first language of the practitioner.


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