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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Latvian Freedom and Faterland party to oppose amendments to Immigration act

Left: Roberts Zile is chairman of Latvia's 'For Fatherland and Freedom'/LNNK party and an MEP. For Fatherland and Freedom is the only party who are fighting to keep Latvia for Latvians! Good luck to them.

On Thursday, March 4, at 8:30 at the parliamentary party there will be held a Association "For Fatherland and Freedom / LNNK and" All for Latvia! "Hosted by picking calling parliamentary deputies to reject the planned amendment of the Immigration Act.

According to the People's Party, the Latvian First Party and the "Harmony Center supported amendments to the Immigration Act Latvian government will offer a five-year residence permits to foreigners and their family members if they will make investments in the Latvian economy, such as when a certain capital investment corporation or a specified amount of purchase of immovable property . Among other things, provided that they are foreigners, who for five years there will be a continuous resident Latvian territory, will require a permanent residence permit.

We are confident that the substance of such amendment is targeted Latvian property sale to foreigners, resulting in new, mostly Russian-speaking immigration wave. Read more


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