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Monday, 8 March 2010

Fighting Acid Attacks in Pakistan - Are there unreported cases in Britain?

Left: Victims of acid attacks in Pakistan.

Many women living in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh have been the victims of acid attacks that have distorted their faces. In Pakistan in 2009, there were 48 registered cases. Only a third of acid attack victims are officially reported, estimates the Acid Survivors Foundation, a non-governmental organisation. A new domestic violence draft law to stop these attacks is currently under review in the Pakistani parliament.

Article from Deutsche Welle

Naila Farhat was 13 when she became the victim of a heinous crime -- an acid attack. Her schoolteacher wanted her to marry his friend. She and her family had made the “mistake” of saying they did not want her to get married so early.

"I was coming back from school that day,” Naila remembers. “My schoolteacher and his friend crossed my path and asked me to go along with them. When I refused my teacher held me tight and his friend threw acid in my face." Read more


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