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Saturday, 20 March 2010

UAF get a taste of their own medicine as EDL 'interrupt' one of their meetings in Bristol

Left: Martin Smith -UAF second in command and Chairman of the Socialist Workers Party. Martin and the rest of Unite Against Freedom are constantly telling people that the BNP are violent thugs. This picture taken in Birmingham in 2009 shows his true colours.

The Socialist Unity Website reports a UAF meeting in Bristol was 'interrupted' by EDL members. The hypocrisy of the UAF knows no bounds as they have intimidated BNP members who attend perfectly legal meetings for years, and proudly claim so.

Although they say they are peaceful and talk about protecting democracy, anyone who has opposing views to their communist ideology is automatically labelled 'fascist'. The UAF were exposed in 2009 as the real fascists as they fired up young Muslims to attack EDL supporters and had many arrests within their ranks for violent behaviour. Going by the comments left in newspapers the general public has realised who the real thugs are and are no longer fooled by the UAF double standards and cheap lies.

The Socialist Unity blog reports

The following is a report by a young postal worker that he sent to Billy Hayes of the CWU:

I am just writing to inform you about an incident that took place at a UAF meeting at the Railway Club in Bristol last night (17th March). In the very same room that you gave a speech in a couple of weeks ago.

The meeting which started at 730pm was arranged to discuss election strategy and to build support for the counter fascist operation that is taking place in Bolton this Saturday. Weyman Bennett was due to speak at this meeting but pulled out at the last minute. It was a public meeting and it was advertised as such. When i arrived there were about 35 people in attendance the usual type of people you would expect at meetings like this. Rob Wotherspoon (CWU), Trade Unionists, SWP, Socialist Party and Labour party members. The meeting was running a bit late as the replacement Guest speakers train was running late. Read more


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