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Thursday, 1 April 2010

Salma Yaqoob PPC for Hall Green does a u-turn on countering EDL

Left: Flyer advising people to ignore the EDL protest against the £18 million Dudley Mega Mosque.

Salma Yaqoob seems to have done a complete 360 in regards to the English defence League. In August 2009 she whipped up a crowd of young Muslims at a Birmingham EDL protest by shouting "our streets, our streets" repeatedly.

Forward to 3:34

She also spent much time and effort trying to persuade council leaders to ban the EDL from attending Birmingham altogether.

Her most recent blog entry however is somewhat less passionate. Following the flyer urging people to ignore the Dudley protest she simply says

"The English Defence League are planning to bring their message of racist hate and intimidation to the streets of Dudley this Saturday. It is really encouraging to see cross party and community unity in Dudley in opposition to their planned march."

It has for some time been apparent to many, that Respect is nothing more than a 'Muslim party'. With George Galloway as a founding member this should be obvious. Further evidence recently came to light via the Dispatches Undercover Mosueq documentary, which showed Respect Councilors saying things like, 'we have gained alot of power and influence in Tower Hamlets, the Muslims practically rule the borough'.

The Mosque Imans seem to have advised their young adherents to 'stay away' from these protests. It would appear Salma Yaqoob is towing the 'Islamic party line'.

No to the Dudley Mega Mosque!


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