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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

'Carribean higher education champion' found guilty of selling fake qualifications to Carribean immigrants

Left: Dr Roselle Antoine
Member of the British Empire (ahem), Dr Roselle Antoine has an impressive list of qualifications.

She also has a list of 'core values' that would make your average Liberal go weak at the knees. Her Core Values (TSC College factfile) * Equality * Diversity * Partnership * Pedantry.

All is not well in this equality fairy tale however. Dr Antoine is facing jail after taking money from Caribbean immigrant students in exchange for fake qualifications! One of the students passports has also gone missing.

Left: Auvalyn Howell (second from the right) and eight other alleged victims who complained about Dr Antoine.

It seems the 'core values' of the erudite MBE are out the window. One also wonders why someone with such high qualifications would need to defraud Caribbean immigrant students of a few £k?

More to the point, does this woman actually have the qualifications that the liberal left have been creaming over for the past 10 years? If she has sold fake qualifications to students it doesn't bode well for her own C.V surely?

The Harrow Times reports

A PRINCIPAL who faces jail for handing out bogus NVQs “like confetti” continued to run her Wealdstone college years after being charged. Dr Roselle Antoine MBE, 54, was found guilty on Thursday of a string of fraud offences after dishing out worthless qualifications to foreign students who had paid up to £1,350 in fees.

Antoine, head of TCS Tutorial College, in Palmerston Road, was first charged in 2008 and initially admitted the offences before frustrating the legal process by changing her plea. Read more


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