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Friday, 30 April 2010

Muslim students defient on Islamic headscarf ban

Left: Companions of Najwa in high school Malha Camilo Jose Cela in Pozuelo (Madrid) see no reason why they should respect Spanish customs.

As the Flemish come one step closer to banning the Islamic Burka and niqab, Muslim students in Madrid refuse to remove their Hijabs and comply with the high school rules.

The Islamic veil is of course a form of Islamification, as are mosques, halal butchers/restaurants, and Maddrassa's.

Article from National Democracy Spain

The institute Camilo Jose Cela in the Madrid suburb of Pozuelo de Alarcón was again this morning the scene of the struggle between a Muslim Spanish girl against the ban to cover their heads with Islamic headscarves prevailing in this center. Although the school board yesterday decided to ratify the rules to veto the presence of the garment and any other head covering, or precisely because of this, three friends of the girl removed from class for refusing to remove it have returned to stage their solidarity with her appearing to class with a hijab.

"Najwa will not ever take away the veil, has not yet decided whether to change the center but will keep fighting until the last day", has sentenced one of his three girlfriends. Read more


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