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Monday, 26 April 2010

Black manifesto summary - positive discrimination is anti white racism

Left: Lee Jasper - former aide to mayor Ken Livingstone.

Jasper writes an article in the (black) voice newspaper welcoming a 'black community event' which will be attended by Clegg, Cameron, and Brown on 28/04/2010. Jasper fails to mention in the article how he was sacked in 2008 for fraud and sexual harassment!

London Evening Standard 15.05.2008

Mr Jasper, who was Ken Livingstone's race adviser, quit his £120,000-a-year post after the disclosure that he sent sexually charged emails to a woman involved in running one of the projects. He faces claims that he used his position to fund organisations with which he was personally connected.

The Met inquiry came after the Standard raised questions over millions of pounds in grants handed out by the Mayor's business arm, the London Development Agency, to groups which appeared to do little or nothing in return. Police launched an investigation into Brixton Base in February. There were claims it received £510,000 from the LDA to provide media courses to young black people, but had then not been able to account for £193,000.

In his (black) Voice article he writes:

Tackling black unemployment, educational failure and the acute shortage of affordable housing are just some of the issues that will be at the forefront of our agenda. The recently published Black Manifesto provides a detailed policy analysis of all these issues with clear recommendations for all the parties.

The Black manifesto is an anti white document which blames all the failures of black people on white racism. Thankfully many people are waking up to this effrontery, and the intentions of race hustlers like Jasper. It is likely many British people will vote BNP on May the 6th to express their outrage at being blamed for the failures of the black people, and for being treated as second class citizens in their own country..

We have seen what positive discrimination has done in America. Putting under qualified people in positions when they have neither the skills, nor education to do the job, has been a disaster. They call it affirmative action.

The Black manifesto document states

Required actions
We call upon the Government to:

Enable affirmative action in employment (modelled on the Northern Ireland Fair Employment Act), to
overcome low BME pay, inherent discrimination and the persistent and tenacious employment gap.

Enable affirmative action in higher education institutions, where there is under-representation of
Black students and staff. This should start with the Russell Group of Universities.

Explain how the Social Investment Wholesale Bank (SIWB) can be utilised to support BME social
enterprise and how local independent representative panels can help make decisions on where funds
should be invested.

Tell people what is going on! Inform them about the Black Manifesto. Affirmative action in education and employment means discriminating against white British people. Why are we putting up with this? Have we not been kind enough already? Will they want the clothes off our backs next?

Spread the word...Vote BNP!


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