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Sunday, 4 April 2010

EDL protest against Dudley mega mosque - Muslims shout 'our streets, Allah akbar'

The English defence league marched against the proposed Dudley mega mosque in Dudley. Although 30,000 local people have have signed a petition against the mosque, and the local council turned it down, the government has overruled the decision and said it can go ahead. Saudi money is to build the mosque, it seems our Dhmmi government has been paid off by the Wahabbi oil men.

Guramit Singh (EDL)gave a speech and said the £18,000,000 mega mosque will dominate the skyline in Dudley and is opposed by local people. He also asked why is our government ignoring the medievil practices which goes on in Muslim communities such as; genital mutilation, muslim girls being taken away for enforced marriages in Pakistan, poligamy, and the burka.

The EDL have proclaimed they will march on Dudley each month until the mosque decision is reversed.


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