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Sunday, 18 April 2010

Diane Abbott condems 'brazen' actions of gangs but doesn't mention ethnicity of said gangs

Left: A gang in South London (note how young they are).

Diane Abbott acknowledges that race/ethnicity exists for she is quick to campaign for sickle cell treatment (a genetic disease which affects black people). She also set up Black Women Mean Business in 1992, and proudly boasts about her other initiative London Schools and the Black child

When it comes to gangs however Diane Abbott decides to go with the 'race is a social construct' approach. In her website article about gangs she doesn't mention the lack of positive role models for black youths. Why not? surely the high numbers of black youths who have never met, or rarely see their father, is a factor when one considers how many black youths are in gangs?

How about the black culture in Britain which glorifies violence and pokes fun at becoming a responsible adult? And how about an apology to the indigenous British for the growing number of predominantly black gangs, who have made our streets a frightening place for the average person going about their business.

No chance of that, the indigenous British do not exist according to people like Diane Abbott. If Diane Abbott wishes to be a 'champion' for black causes then she should also take some representative responsibility for the aforementioned afflictions, our society is now lumbered with.

From Diane Abbotts website

Diane led a debate in Westminster Hall this morning to highlight the problem of gang crime in London

Diane spoke of how gangs have become more brazen in their activities, citing the murder of 15 year old Sofyen Belamouadden in Victoria station in front of shocked commuters last Thursday, as an example.

She also pointed to a series of violent attacks in her own constituency, including the stabbing of promising footballer 17 year old Godwin Lawson last weekend. Read more


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