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Thursday, 18 February 2010

UAF unknown 'Sadia Jabeen' (Socialist Worker Party activist) claims Aston Villa fans reject the BNP

Left: The UAF Muslim auxillaries do the dirty work in Birmingham September 2009

The UAF apparently had a leafletting seesion at Aston Villa football ground. They claim that

"Villa fans were appalled that the likes of the EDL and BNP were trying to spread their racism on the terraces and through fan networks. We had warm reception from the fans, with some of them coming up to us to shake our hands for being there

Funny they have no photo's or video detailing this monumental support on their second rate website?

Once again they try to link the BNP with the EDL although it has been proven beyond doubt there is no such link. This claim that regular football fans are 'appalled' by the BNP is frankly laughable.

Sadia Jabeen is LMHR/UAF Midlands Regional Organiser

Do you want people like her representing us, and calling you a fascist for standing up for your family and your country men?

Vote BNP!


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