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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Patients suffer as Selly Oak can't cope with solider numbers

Mattew Weston (33 Engineer Regiment). A true British hero.

The national disgrace of soldiers being treated in general hospitals continues at Selly Oak Birmingham. As the BNP have stated; soldiers require, and deserve, a military hospital, run by military staff. The psychological scars of war and the harrowing injuries these men and women face, can never be properly treated in a general hospital.

Another scandal is the verbal abuse these brave men and women have suffered by immigrants and their descendants. Muslim women shouted abuse at a injured solider in 2007 while he recovered.

In 2009 sapper Matthew Weston had abuse shouted at him, while he was being pushed in a wheel chair by his sister, at Selly Oak.

Then when Gordon (dead man walking) Brown visited the hospital in 2009, he was surprised when over half the soldiers requested to have their curtains pulled over, in order to snub the PM.
By chance Matthew Weston (should be Matthew Weston VC), was at the hospital receiving treatment. He said "I didn't want to waste my time talking to someone who was just trying to make themselves look good. I spent the day with my family instead".

This is all disgusting and brings shame on our nation. In addition to the aforementioned, the Birmingham mail reports today that; patients are now having to be moved to other hospitals, in order to cope with the influx of wounded soldiers. This means that people with compromised immune systems are being disturbed when they need rest and time to recover.
The consequences will undoubtedly be; old people with weak hearts, or who have suffered strokes, may have to be moved! It does not take a medical professional to know that this is wrong, very wrong.

Vote BNP!


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