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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

American Renaissance Conference Cancelled,,,

DR David Yeagley reports that the American Renaissance conference has been cancelled. DR Yeagley was due to speak at the conference, along with party chairman Nick Griffin MEP.

From 'Bad Eagel' (DR Yeagley's blog)

The 2010 American Renaissance Conference has been cancelled. The Communist brownshirt opponents of the conference made death threats this time.

The conference was scheduled to take place this weekend, February 19-21, in the Washington, DC area. As of noon today, Monday, February 15, American Renaissance leaders Jarod Taylor and Stephen Webster announced (via email) that the conference was cancelled.

Communist opposition had been strong from the start. The hotels contracted to serve the American Renaissance were inundated with phone calls and emails, and strong intimidation. As afore reported, the second of the first two hotels broke its contract with a quote that offered a suggested explanation: “concern for the safety of our employees.” The obvious question is, Who threatened them? It certainly wasn’t the American Renaissance people. Read more


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