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Monday, 15 February 2010

Green Party leader calls for affirmative action at Britains top University

Not much difference between the Green Party and Respect. Both are socialist, anti British, and believe that ethnicity should guarantee a top university place (except if your white European, then your on your own).

Incidently, Britains disgraced Al Sharpton wanabee Lee Jasper has recently joined the Green Party. I wonder if he has anything to do with this ethnic vote strategy?

From the Green Party Website

Green Party leader Dr Caroline Lucas MEP spoke out today in response to worrying new reports (1) that Oxford and Cambridge universities are under-performing in the recruitment of students of Indian, African, Pakistani and Bangladeshi heritage.

Caroline Lucas said this morning: "It's frankly shocking to hear that there are seven times fewer Black or Black British Caribbeans at Oxford than there are on average at other universities.

"In order for Oxford to reach the national average, it would have to recruit 44% more students from BME backgrounds." Read more


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