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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Richard Burden MP uses his question to ask about International development (forgein aid to me and you)

Richard Burden (Birmingham, Northfield, Labour) A big supporter of Hama's and Muslims in general.

Richard Burden MP
To ask the Secretary of State for International Development how many (a) projects and (b) programmes which contribute to enabling child rights his Department has funded in the last three years.

Note: This question is worded so it appears to be concerning our own kids (many of whom live below the poverty line). It is not though, MR Burden cares more about children in India than he does Northfield, as the answer to his question shows.

Michael Foster (Parliamentary Under-Secretary, Department for International Development; Worcester, Labour)

The Department for International Development (DFID) supports the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and works towards fulfilling children's rights through various means. Many DFID projects and programmes contribute to meeting the needs and rights of both children and adults and we do not track the number that contributes to enabling child rights as a separate category. Examples of DFID support that is enabling child rights include:

Committing £8.5 billion for education from 2007-15. (As Labour slash the education budget in Britain).

Working with multilateral agencies such as UNICEF. We have committed £55 million to UNICEF over five years to strengthen government capacity to realise child rights in India, including working with the government for child-friendly social policy.

Working with and supporting civil society organisations such as Plan UK (an overseas charity) (£7.1 million from 2009-11), Save the Children (£23.4 million from 2009-11)(Another Overseas charity) and Anti-Slavery International (£1.4 million from 2008-13).

So it seems Britain was the first country to abolish and outlaw slavery, the British still get blamed for it and our children get brainwashed into feeling guilty about it, and we are to pay towards anti slavery international!
Don't get mad, get even, vote BNP!


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