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Friday, 5 February 2010

Several UAF combat auxillaries are arrested in connection with the Birmingham riots

The Birmingham mail reports POLICE have arrested seven men over violent clashes which exploded in Birmingham city centre twice last summer – thanks to help from Mail readers.

Detectives swooped on homes across the Midlands in the past two days as part of the investigation into the terrifying scenes as members of opposing groups of anti-extremists battled with each other in front of scared shoppers.

I say UAF combat Auxiliaries because the UAF and Salma Yaqoob whipped the black/Asian youths up into a frenzy on 8th August 2009. The mail does not give names at this stage. If you look at the area's they come from though it is clearly not EDL members who have been arrested.

Furthermore, on the 8th August 2009 the
EDL were held up at Victoria square by the police. Therefore they did no fighting at all! The only violent attacks were by Asians and blacks who had been wound up by the UAF and Salma Yaqoob.Respect councilor Salma Yaqoob was at one point shouting 'our streets' 'off our streets' as young Muslim men got down and prayed (as if preparing for battle).

The EDL were blocked here, at Victory Square

This is what greeted shoppers in Birmingham City Centre that day. No EDL in sight. The EDL were peacefully protesting against Islamic extremism/colonization, as the previous video showed.

Even so ,you will find copious amounts of video's on you tube with titles such as; BNP and EDL fascists, EDL nazi's, BNP protest Birmingham, Racist English Defence League Birmingham City Centre etc.

The UAF and their ilk did all they could to - INCITE RACIAL HATRED against the EDL and any Englishman who refused to show submission on 5th September 2009.They did this via the conduit of, Asians and blacks (black British and Africans), who had answered the call, via socialist websites, and Pakistani face book campaigns. The most telling factor is how the UAF's
'white Lieutenants' stood at the back, and got nowhere near the fray. Says it all really.

New Street

On September the 5th 2009 this is what happened. Make up your own mind who are the undemocratic thugs.

Here are some of the Unite Against Fascism combat auxillaries


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