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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Sparkhill man charged with offences under Terrorisim Act

Left: Graffiti in Sprakill. One of several multicultural hell holes in Birmingham where whites are in danger after dark.

A BIRMINGHAM man will appear before magistrates today charged with offences under the terrorism act.

Ahmed Faraz, aged 30, from Sparkhill, has been charged with several counts of possessing material likely to be of use to a terrorist and a number of counts of distributing terrorist publications.

He will appear before City of Westminster Magistrates Court.

Faraz was arrested by the West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit last Tuesday.


Anonymous 28 November 2010 at 11:38  

well done.. I love how all your articles are based on individual accounts. I mean I'm sorry has a white man never been arrested for poor food hygiene, have white teenagers neverr intimidated older people, do white peeople not cheat the benefit system, has a white doctor never been suspended... I AM NOT RACIST LIKE YOU YOU SICK PERSON/PEOPLE. your articles are completley biased and unrepresentative. People do bad things in the world, just because one person does bad does not mean that all people in that ethnic group do.. I am white by the way and just want to say that you people worsen society and just prove why we should NEVER VOTE BNP....

Anonymous 28 November 2010 at 12:30  

Anonymous - It is quite strange how you chose to leave your comment on a post about terrorrism in this country, are there any white people causing terrorism, no!

Poor food hygine is much more prevelent in Asian takeaways.

Yes white doctors have been suspended, but if you look at the general medical council list of practice panel cases (as I do), you would see that more than half the names are African/Asian, how can that be when they are less than 15% of the population?

The truth is never racist, that word is used to kill an argument, but it won't work on me!

And as for black on white rape/murder (which you conviniently didn't mention) it is almost a complete one way street.

When was the last time a white man raped a black or Asian woman?

There are many examples of our women/young girls being gang raped by Muslims/blacks...why doesn't this make you angry? What kind of a 'man' are you?

I look forward to your reponse...btw I'm proud to be BNP and the people within the party are good honest people.

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