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Saturday, 6 February 2010

More diversity to celebrate as city bossess estimate two black gangs in Birmingham have cost the city 38,000 000 pounds

Burger Bar Killers
who sprayed a new years eve party with machine gun bullets in 2005 killing two girls, showed no remorse in court and got 35 years each.

Above:Johnson Crew member Jermain Winston.

A STUDENT repeatedly shot by a leading member (Jermain Winston) of a notorious Birmingham street gang (Johnson Crew) today told of his relief after the thug was jailed for a minimum 14 years.

The Birmingham Mail reports: TWO warring Birmingham gang families have cost taxpayers a whopping £38 million, a shock report today revealed.

The inner-city crime families, including members of the notorious Johnson Crew and Burger Bar Boys gangs, have been a blight on communities since the 1970s piling up the human cost in lives while leaving scores of victims in their wake in the three-decade long feud.

City bosses estimate the cost to the criminal justice system to be an incredible £37.5 million, including prison, and probation costs over the last 30 years.

The figure is equal to nearly £40 for every person in Birmingham.

The total burden on the taxpayer is much higher once health, benefits, housing and education costs are included. Officials believe that there could be as many as ten such families in Birmingham all causing misery in their communities, while plundering the public purse on a huge scale. Read more


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