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Friday, 26 February 2010

African immigrant wanted for Intent to have had unprotected sex, knowing she had aids.

Judith Omondi-Mäkelä. Swedish YLE, February 23, 2010

Police in Pirkanmaa (Sweden) suspects a nearly 30-year-old woman with intent to have had unprotected sex, even though she knew she was HIV positive. The suspected woman has worked as an erotic dancer in Tampere, Jyväskylä and Lahti.

The woman named Judith Omondi-Mäkelä, but has also used the name Rachel. She was born in 1982 and lives in Tampere. She must have had multiple sexual partners during the years 2005 to 2010. The woman is now in custody.

The investigations so far police have found the seven men who had sexual involvement with a woman, but police believe the men may be many more.

The police has released an image of the woman so that men who suspect they may be contaminated, becoming HIV-tested. The police point out that the men could float in danger and can also spread the infection to others.

This is not the first case of this kind

Nadja Benaissa, a member of the No Angels girl band, is alleged to have had unprotected sex with three men between 2004 and 2006 without telling them she has the virus.

One of them has since tested HIV positive. The 26-year-old was held at the weekend shortly before she was due to perform solo in Frankfurt.

The mother of one was charged with dangerous bodily harm and has been remanded in custody.

Benaissa shot to fame in 2000 when she won Popstars with four other women. Their band sold 5million albums and represented Germany in last year's Eurovision, where they finished joint last. If convicted, she faces ten years in jail.

And in Canada

Carlton Davis. Police have issued a public safety alert about a Toronto man who is accused of having unprotected sex with a partner he did not tell about his HIV-positive status.

The suspect is accused of having “unprotected sexual intercourse on multiple occasions” after learning he was HIV positive three months ago, but police allege he did not tell his partner about his condition.

While only one alleged victim has been identified, police say the suspect may have had sexual contact with members of both the gay and heterosexual communities.

Carlton Davis, 46, was arrested Thursday and faces four criminal charges, including attempted murder and aggravated sexual assault.

Det. Mark Niezen told that the suspect recently moved to the St. Clair Avenue and Bathurst Street area, though he previously spent time in area near Oak and River Streets, as well as the area near Jarvis and Gerrard Streets.

And in America

Nushawn Williams received only a 4- to 12-year sentence for infecting at least 13 girls with the virus that causes AIDS.

It has been two years since Andrea last gave herself to Nushawn Williams. She has traded the drugs and the parties and the jail cells for a room in her mother's middle-class house. Her belly is eight-months swollen, and she likes to hide it beneath a red Mickey Mouse T-shirt, with matching Minnie Mouse shorts. There is a portable crib waiting in the corner of her mother's living room. And in the kitchen, taped above the immaculate counter tops, a bright pink sign reads: "Take your pills, Andrea!"

Andrea – who asked that her last name not be revealed – is 19 now, and she has a new boyfriend named Angel, and they are thrilled to have a baby on the way. She is happy, after a lifetime of unhappiness. And she is furious. Furious at Williams, the man who infected her – and 12 other young women in rural Chautauqua County – with HIV. Furious that he received only a 4-to-12 year sentence for his actions. Furious at herself for taking the risks she took with a drug dealer from Brooklyn, a man she never even loved.

Why would someone do something so wicked and despicable? Perhaps Chris Rock in the video below is onto something?


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