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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Salma Yaqoob Lectures the British on 'Irish Unity', And Kashmir, and Palestine, and Switzerland!

Salma Yaqoob attended a conference on 'Irish Unity' on 20/02/2010 hosted by Sinn Féin. The conference was attended by IRA terrorists Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness. Also in attendance were Diane Abbott (anti white racist), and Communist Ken Livingstone.

McGuinness negotiated alongside Gerry Adams with the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Willie Whitelaw, in 1972. He was convicted by the Republic of Ireland's Special Criminal Court in 1973, after being caught with a car containing 250 lb (113 kg) of explosives and nearly 5,000 rounds of ammunition. He refused to recognize the court, and was sentenced to six months imprisonment. In the court he declared his membership of the Provisional Irish Republican Army without equivocation: 'We have fought against the killing of our people... I am a member of Óglaigh na hÉireann and very, very proud of it'

And Gerry Adams

Adams has stated repeatedly that he has never been a member of the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA).However, journalists such as Ed Moloney, Peter Taylor, Mark Urban and historian Richard English have all named Adams as part of the IRA leadership since the 1970s. Adams has denied Moloney's claims, calling them "libellous". In an interview in The Irish News on 18th February, 2009, Old Bailey bomber Dolours Price said that her IRA activities were carried out on the direct orders of her then "commanding officer", Gerry Adams. Adams told the Irish News that he "entirely" rejected “any allegations made by Dolours Price” noting that “Dolours has set her self against the Sinn Féin leadership on many occasions”. Adams, in response to the Price interview, issued a statement in which he said that there are some who disagree profoundly with the Sinn Fein leadership because they "disagreed with the direction the struggle has gone.


What also happened (due to the pub bombings) was that the entire Irish community was subjected to a terrible backlash and forced into a long nightmare of demonization from which it only recently has started to emerge. It is a remarkable fact that it took nearly 25 years before the St Patrick’s Day parade recommenced in the city.

For a long time in Birmingham the pain from the pub bombings was so raw that it was virtually impossible to speak about the conflict and the background that had given rise to the bombings.

And when I hear Irish people talk about their experiences at that time it resonates, to some degree, with my own experience as a Muslim today.

The Mulberry Bush Pub before the IRA bombing.

The Mulberry Bush pub after

Firstly if any community is attacked with terrorism it is logical to assume that the native people who have suffered the attacks will be weary, of the group, who has maimed and killed their people.

However Yaqoob is comparing the Irish situation with the Muslim one we have today. This is a very disingenuous way of defending Muslim terrorists. The IRA wanted (and still want) a United Ireland (separate issue). There is no parallel with the Islamic extremism that Europe, and much of the world is facing today.

Pakistan is independent. It wouldn't even exist if Britain hadn't created it in 1947! Islamic Jihad (unlike the IRA) is worldwide. The leaders want a Muslim Kaliffa (empire) with Sharia law. So far in Britain we have had; the London bombings on 7/7 2005, the Glasgow airport attack, a foiled plot based in Alum Rock Birmingham to kill a British soldier, Richard Ried (the shoe bomber), and just last Christmas, the Nigerian Islamic plot launched from Britain to blow up a trans Atlantic flight.

Not to mention the many Islamic terrorist plots that have been foiled by MI5/MI6

Yaqoob still complains that Muslims are being 'Demonised'.


And if generations experience discrimination and criminalisation and are blocked from having a political voice in their own country, you create the conditions for conflict and violence.

And where you have violence, you have victims, on all sides.


Blocked from having a political voice in their own country? Any citizen can vote in Britain regardless of their religion, unlike in Pakistan and most other Muslim countries. Note how she says 'you create the conditions for conflict and violence', our fault when Muslims set off bombs, and attack none Muslims then.

Birmingham Central Mosque. One of 100+ in the city. Birmingham City Council has bended over backwards to accommodate people like Yaqoob (British born Pakistani's).

Another large Mosque. Approximately four miles from the previous. Several Mosques in Birmingham are know to be operating Sharia Courts on site.

Mosques which double as a Sharia Court in Birmingham.

1. Handsworthh Mosque and Islamic Centre,Booth Street

2. Winson Green Mosque, Dudley Road

3. Zia Ul Quran Jamia Mosque, St Saviours Road (oh the irony), Alum Rock

4. Amanah Mosque, Stratford Road (Cllr Yaqoobs ward)

5. Birmingham Central Mosque, Belgrave Middleway, Highgate

6. Markazi Jamiat Ahl-e Hadith, Green Lane (Featured on Undercover Mosque c4)

7. Jalalabad Mosque, Dartmouth Road, Selly Oak

8. Jamia Mosque Hamza Mosque and Islamic Centre, Church Road, Moseley



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