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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Respect Party announce candidate for Longsight Manchester

Respect have announced their candidate for Longsight Manchester. There is a second person in the video who is not named. It appears she is adding some style to the presentation, as Mr Lambert looks like he's been on the wacky backy. No history of the candidate is given, except he is ' a community campaigner' who has resided in Longsight for 16 years. What about education, employment history, achivements, political experience?

Some information about Longsight

Ethnic Factsheet for Longsight % as of 2007

All white groups 38.7

All Non white Groups 61.3

Source: (enter into Google) A26v Longsight population factsheet 2009

Guncrime In Longsight and Greenheys

The location of shootings
There have been shootings in all subdivisions in Manchester. The crude rate of shootings per head of population in Manchester was 0.01 per 1,000 population over the four years 1997 to 2000. Most occurred in C1 and C2 subdivisions, Longsight and Greenheys.

Longsight and Greenheys account for 57 per cent of all shootings in Manchester. 11 For every 1,000 head of population in Longsight and Greenheys there were 1.4 shootings. For every shooting that occurred elsewhere in Greater Manchester, 35 occurred in Longsight or Greenheys.
There are marked patterns of repeat victimisation in shootings. Being shot is a strong predictor of being shot again. Whilst the risk of being shot amongst the total population may be only 0.01 per 1,000 over four years, once shot the risk rises to 80 per 1,000. Amongst those shot twice the risk of being shot a third time rises to as much as 180 per 1,000.Most shootings occurred within a couple of relatively small groups of beats.

Source (enter into Google) smallarmssurveypdf/2002_Bullock_Tilley.pdf(Page16)

Below are a few organisations in Longsight which cater for non British people, thus squeezing us out of our own homeland. Note Mr Lambert decided not to mention these community centres in his 'inclusive communities' style video.

Welfare and advice centre
Bangladesh house
19a Birch Lane
Tel: 0161 721 4441

Manchester Bangladeshi Women’s Society
Provides Basic advice & signposting, Free Interpretation services – Bengali, Drop-In, Mental Heath Project, Keep Fit & Healthy Living, International Women’s Day festivals and Mother & Toddler group.
360 Dickenson Road
M13 0NG

Pakistani Community Centre, 612a Stockport Road,
Sajjad Hussain, 0161 256 4518

White European centre, for victims of BME violent crime and imtimidation. (Only joking)

A list of Non White British help centres in Manchester (nice to be included eh).

Here are a couple of stories from the muticultrul 'paradise' of Longsight Manchester. They portray the ethnic cleansing of white British people in the ward.

Race of attackers ommitted.


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