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Monday, 1 February 2010

Absolute farce as council try to buy the white vote in Billesley with 40k

The mail reports A Birmingham Mp has called on the city council to talk to a community which has been awarded government funding to ensure the cash is well spent.

The authority has been given £40,000 to splash out on the Billesley area as part of the Government’s Connecting Communities programme.
Connecting Communities is designed to support traditionally working class areas worst hit by the recession and to ensure residents are aware of the benefits of government investment. And Hall Green MP Steve McCabe is keen for residents in Billesley, one of 49 neighborhoods nationwide to benefit under the scheme this year, to have their say.

Notice the phrase 'connecting communities' what this refers to is giving some cash to poor white area's that have been ignored for years. MR McCabe who regularly has a dig at the BNP is all to aware of this.

He said: “I’m delighted Billesley has been awarded this funding and look forward to seeing honest hard working residents being rewarded through this investment.

Is he taking the Micheal? What is 40,000 going to do for an area the size of Billesley?

It is also worth mentioning that neither Sean McCabe or any other politician stood up for the popular Billesley community center. The building next door to the center was brought by Muslims and a planning application for a Mosque was quickly put in.
Not only was the BNP the only ones to organize resistance against the mosque, but the community center was closed down due to, a lack of resources needed for a re wire. Thanks for your support Billesley councilors!

The indigenous people of Billesley have been betrayed by their local councilors in several ways. A significant 'chunk' of the Billesley ward was added to the neighboring Springfield (which is majority Asian), therefore weakening the white vote in Billesley. However hard they try to subdue the English they might just come unstuck in Billesley, as it is one of the best area's in the city for BNP support.


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