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Monday, 22 February 2010

National Black Police Association Vice President - Tony C Smikle

Left: Tony Smickle Vice President of the NBPA.

In October 2008 he wrote an article in the Journal defending Ali Dizaei (now jailed for 4 years). He criticized previous investigations into Mr Dizaei's conduct, and accused the police of 'institutional racism'.

Now that the law has caught up with Dizaei will Mr Smickle admit he was wrong? Shouldn't he apologize to the police for wrongly accusing them of racism? How about a referendum to let the voters decide if we need the (tax munching anti white) NBPA at all?

Tony Smikle
Tuesday 14 October 2008, The Journal Issue 11

My colleague Ali Dizaei, President of the National Black Police Association (NBPA), was suspended from his position last month after an investigation was launched into alleged impropriety on his part. This is not the first time that Dizaei has been investigated by his police peers. Operation Helios, launched in 2000, pursued claims against Dizaei as outlandish as an allegation that he had been spying for Iran. The Independent Police Complaints Commission later slammed the investigation as “seriously flawed”. Up to £7 million of taxpayers’ money had been spent attempting to pin misdemeanours on an innocent man who was cleared of all charges at the Old Bailey. An official report concluded that Dizaei’s colleagues had resorted to totally illegal intrusive surveillance techniques in their bid to tarnish his reputation.

Dizaei’s experience is symptomatic of a broader trend. An independent BBC investigation into forces including Strathclyde Police, screened last week, found that BME officers are five times more likely than their white colleagues to be the subjects of internal investigation. That the police service is still institutionally racist should not be in any doubt. Yet those who draw attention to the problem are liable to be victimised, demonised, or—in the case of Tarique Ghaffur—simply told by their superiors to “shut up.” The full article


Anonymous 27 June 2011 at 14:24  

Now that Dr Dizaei has been acquitted do you think this article should be taken down.

Oh and FYI the 'tax munching' NBPA does ot receive any public money

Anonymous 27 June 2011 at 16:17  

Firstly he is not a doctor!

If you think he has been acquitted then provide a link - this is the most recent one I found of the affirmative action thug

As for funding I think you will find it comes from the home office. The tax payer therefore funds it.
Have a look...

and here

Anonymous 28 June 2011 at 19:48  

IC1 male,

You will find he is officially referred to as Dr as he has a PhD.

And again you are wrong as the NBPA has had no money from the Home Office since 2007.

And finally, any comment about the fact that Dr Dizaei's conviction has been quashed by the appeal court? Just a question

Anonymous 28 June 2011 at 19:59  

IC1 Male,

The Daily Mail and many other papers detail the quashing of the conviction of Dr Dizaei, here are some of the many links:

The good news is there may be a retrial, the bad news is the star witness has just been charged with £21k of benefit fraud. No further comment necessary at this juncture.

Anonymous 28 June 2011 at 20:03  

IC1 Male,

Dr Dizaei's profile is available online , confirming his academic qualificications - Dizaei was born in Tehran, Iran[8] where his father was a deputy commissioner of police. He moved to the UK in 1973.[4] He was educated at Slindon College a private boarding school in Arundel, West Sussex; this was the wish of his father, who believed that the only way his sons would truly succeed was through a good British education. Dizaei studied law at university, gaining a BA (Hons) and LLM in Law from City University London[9] and a diploma in policing from Cambridge University [10] later gaining a PhD from Brunel University [11] and joined Thames Valley Police in 1986.

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