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Thursday, 18 February 2010

East Birmingham meeting

A successful meeting was held on Wednesday in East Birmingham. Richard Lumby (Sub West Midlands regional organiser) opened proceedings and gave a passionate speech on Council and general elections, activism, and the way in which our Marxists overlords are destroying our culture.

Mr Lumby underlined the fact that, everyone of us can, 'play our part', and that the whole of Europe is faced with the same treachery.

The second speaker was Nuneaton and Bedworth Councilor Martyn Findley. Councilor Findley informed the audience about his duties as a BNP official and thanked the many activists who had helped him get elected. He also suggested some innovative ways in which people can 'get active' and help spread the word.

A total of 2000 pounds was raised for the General Election fund.


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