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Monday, 27 September 2010

Democracia Nacional Spain - Mayoral candidate for Alcala de Henares - car set alight repeatedly

Candidate for Mayor Ignacio Casado at his DN Headquarters in Alcalá.

A few months back a a female candidate of the Belgium National Front had her house attacked by arsonists.

Her two children narrowly survived with their lives.

It is not proven if the attacks on MR Casados car were by immigrants or far left activists.

There has been several incidents, were far left activists have attacked nationalists in Spain however.

So much so that DN organised a protest against such attacks, after DN activists had been attacked, and injured, by far left thugs.

Protest in Almeria against far left violence

I guess that's what they mean by solidarity?

Interview with Mayoral candidate for Alcala Ignacio Casado on recent arson attacks

Why do you think that these attacks occur?

It is relatively simple to explain, we are an enemy to beat.

The terrible fear that a corrupt system produce a bi-partisan and does not intend to give a single inch of ground without a fight.

Spain are clear that, politically, is not very different from the rest of Europe where national parties are already in place for good path and see clearly that if you give us will take advantage and convince truce.

They know that if a positive and healthy alternative ideologically as DN get to have senators, congressmen, legislators, MEPs, mayors of large cities and many more council members, they ran out of the bargain, they can not keep selling our land and our rights to the highest bidder , would be opposed to their excesses and to that end they use all they can recruit.

Cops, corrupt politicians, journalists, corrupt, corrupt judges, trade unionists sold ultra leftists and even right-wing, weak-minded with a lot to lose and a long criminal history. Read more


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