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Saturday, 11 September 2010

Kim Clijsters knocks out Venus Williams in US Open semi finals

Left: Kim Clijsters 27.

Bringing a touch of class back to women's tennis.

I hadn't even heard of Kim Clijsters until recently.

It seems the Venus sisters joint reign as undisputed champions of female tennis has come to an end.

After beating Serena Williams in the US Open semi finals last year, Kim Clijsters has now knocked out her sister Venus.

The sheer power of the Williams sisters does not seem to intimidate Clijsters as it does other players.

US Open semi finals 2010 match point.

Considered the more feminine of the two sisters, Serena Williams smashes her racket after losing the first set of the US Open 2009 to the Belgium Kim Clijsters

Serena Williams vs Kim Clijsters 1st setpoint US
Open 2009

Left: US Open Semi final 2009.

"Is it cause I is black?"

Serena Williams 'blows her top' after being knocked out of the US Open Semi finals in 2009 by Kim Clijsters.

She unleashes a barage of profanity at the lineswoman.

Serena Willimas vs Kim Clijsters - US Open Semi Final 2009 matchpoint Kim Clijsters def Serena Williams 6-4 7-5

Personally I'm glad the Williams sisters won't be in the final this year.

It's the authors opinion that they are both rude and are sore losers.

It's a shame that the few role models there are for black women usually have such bad tempers. Naomi Campell being the obvious example.

Better luck next year girls.


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