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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Four Al Qaeda terror suspects under surveillance in Brum

Left: senior Birmingham-born Al Qaeda commander Rashid Rauf.

The former Washwood Heath High pupil was named number five in a secret list of the top ten most wanted terror operatives in the lawless tribal regions of North West Pakistan.

The body of Rauf, whose arrest led to the capture of the three men convicted earlier this year of plotting transatlantic airline liquid bomb attacks, was never produced – and no DNA were samples taken to confirm that he died.

How weak is a country which knows it has terrorists living within it's borders but doesn't deport them?

Human rights laws which come from Brussles are now protecting the evil, while penalising the law abiding for the slightest misdemeanor.

Vote BNP to leave the E.U and deport all known terrorists and their sympathisers from the U.K.

The Sunday Mercury reports - A MUSLIM fanatic described by security services as the most dangerous terror kingpin in Britain is living under a control order in Birmingham, the Sunday Mercury can reveal.

The suspected Al Qaeda plotter – known only as AY – was accused of being a major player in the 2006 plan to use liquid explosives to bring down 10 transatlantic airliners, killing 3,000 innocent civilians.

But the 29 year-old was acquitted of all charges two years ago, and despite links to senior Birmingham-born Al Qaeda commander Rashid Rauf, he is back living in Alum Rock.

He is one of FOUR terror suspects living in the Midlands under control orders, with two other men linked to the region now living under restrictions in the North of England.

Another detainee – an Iraqi who escaped his control order and went on the run in the West Midlands – has not been traced by MI5 in more than three years.

Details of the control order suspects emerged as Jonathan Evans, the head of MI5, supported the controversial detention methods and warned that a fresh wave of terror recruitment meant it was only “a matter of time” before the UK was attacked again.

Last night, a senior security official described Birmingham-based suspect AY as “the most dangerous and important Al Qaeda operative in Britain’’. Read more

Micheal Savage has the right idea - and they banned him from entering the U.K!


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