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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Meriden villagers to take gypsy camp fight to Strasbourg

Left: The Ancient cross built by the Romans to mark the village of Meriden as the centre of England.

The Romans were technically slightly out, there is a plaque marking the centre of England on the floor in a near by pub.

Meriden is a peaceful village between Birmingham and Coventry.

You would never know that the country is being ransacked by immigrants, disorder, and politically correct madness if you were lucky enough to live in sleepy Meriden.

That recently changed however when a group of Gypsies dropped anchor in a field flanking the village.

It is a well known fact, therefore not a stereotype, that where gypsies go theft, anti social behaviour, noise pollution, and litter follow.

What have the villages of Meriden done to deserve this, and what gives these 'travelers' the right to park up wherever they see fit?

In Modern Britain the law is upside down, and hard working people are accused of being racist, or insensitive, if they speak up for themselves.

Solihull council has already refused the gypsies planning application for the site, so why are they still there?

The villagers are being forced to take their legal case to the European court!

Apparently they are is the authors view they should be all arrested, and their caravans impounded, just like your car would be if you parked illegally.

Vote BNP next May people of Meriden.

The Birmingham Mail reports - CAMPAIGNERS fighting plans for a gypsy camp on green belt land near Solihull are taking their case directly to lawmakers in Europe.

Thirty villagers from Meriden will board a coach next week and embark on a five-day trip to Strasbourg where they intend to lobby the European Parliament and the Court of Human Rights.

The protesters have been battling since Easter when Gypsy families tried to occupy land at Eaves Green on the edge of Meriden.

A planning application to set up a permanent camp was rejected by Solihull Council, but the travellers are appealing. Read more


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