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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Martin Smith of the UAF condones the use of violence

Left: Martin Smith (UAF national organiser) getting away with assaulting an EDL member in Birmingham in 2009.

Naughty naughty Martin, you accuse the BNP and EDL of thuggery, this doesn't look good.

: Weymen Bennett (UAF)being arrested in Bolton at a EDL ralley 2010.

Martin Smith of the UAF faces his court appearance after assaulting a police officer during the question time protest.

The UAF are slowly learning they are not above the law.

Weyman Bennett is also facing charges of conspiracy to cause disorder.

You have every right to protest Martin, but this isn't Communist Russia, and like it or not you are subject to English law.

He hates that word..English. As for the BNP we are far from finished!

Protest all you like, this is a democracy and we will be fighting more elections in the future.

The UAF constantly harp on about Cable street 1936. What they don't mention is the majority of Londoners supported Mosley, and the so called anti fascists were mostly gangsters, bused in from up North.

This video gives a true account of event's which can be confirmed with a little research.


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