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Monday, 27 September 2010

Letters from Gandhi

Gandhi - a race realist.

Gandhi was critical of the British Empire, and was as significant as world war two was, in ending the British Raj.

But he was a nationalist, and it is a nationalists duty to fight for the independence of his/her country.

The author of the second video calls Gandhi a 'racist'.

He berates Gandhi for the 'Partition' which created a separate land for Muslims (Pakistan and East Pakistan).

Personally the author of this blog thinks it was a generous gesture to have a partition, thus giving Muslims their own homeland.

The Muslims were in India due to agressive conquest after all, firstly by two Caliphates, then a Sultanate, and finally by the Muslim Mughal Empire.

Hardly a racist then, Gandhi recognized Hindus and Muslims could never live peacfully together, so agreed with the British on a partition.

One wonders how he would comment on the present world situation of today?


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