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Monday, 13 September 2010

Meanwhile in Deutschland

Left: German Banker Thilo Sarrazin has spoken out against the Islamification of Germany, and the preposterous notion that European nations would crumble without mass third world immigration.

Left: MR Sarrazins book -'Deutschland schafft sich ab' (Germany does away with itself) has become an instant best seller in Germany, and the brave banker is ignoring death threats from Muslims and far left groups.

The author of this blog has suggested before that any attempts from one country to overturn the political correct madness which has disabled Europe, will benefit all of us.

For this reason the actions of this German banker are great news for all Europeans, such news gives us hope in these dark days.

Hopefully the National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD) will enjoy electoral success in the coming months and years ahead, and this great European country can be saved.

In other news from Germany - Erika Steinbach, the German politician has resigned from Angela Merkels CDU party.

Left: Steinbach wants greater recognition for ethnic-German expellees.

Deutsch Welle reports - Steinbach, who, as head of the Federation of Expellees (BdV), represents 12.5 million Germans expelled from Eastern Europe after World War II, came under fire this week for defending two members of her league whose statements implied that Poland was the blame for World War II.

"I cannot change the fact that Poland mobilized [its troops] as early as March 1939," Steinbach said at a CDU party meeting, repeating the pretext the Nazis used to invade their eastern neighbor later that year.

Steinbach further defended herself Saturday in her speech at the BdV's annual "Day of the Homeland," saying that accusations that she and the BdV were historical revisionists were part of a "concerted campaign" against her.

"Everyone knows who began the Second World War," she said, adding, "Everyone knows the atrocities of Nazi Germany, and the boundless suffering that thereby came to Europe."

Defending Sarrazin

Steinbach, an ethnic German born in present-day Poland in 1943, renewed her call for Berlin to turn August 5 into a day of national remembrance for German expellees.

Refugees from Africa and other continents, she said, were dignified by tears of sympathy. "But when it comes to German expellees, they don't even need a paper tissue."

Steinbach had already been steeped in controversy over recent months due to her involvement in discussions to open an exhibition and archive about post-World War II expellees in Berlin, which critics say could portray Germany as a victim of the war.

Steinbach stirred further controversy this week by defended contentious German central bank board member, Thilo Sarrazin, who resigned Thursday amid nationwide controversy sparked by his statements that Muslim immigrants were sponging off the German state and lowering the national intelligence. Article


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