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Thursday, 16 September 2010

The real patriotic party of Sweden -The National Democrats

Left: The Swedish National Democrat Party leader Marc Abramsson, speaking at a recent rally.

The National Democrats (nationaldemokraterna) are running a very professional looking campaign.

Their leader MR Abramsson, and other candidates for office, have been giving open air speeches in area's which have been affected worst by immigration.

However, this active, brave, and noble nationalist party has a problem.

There is another party called the Swedish Democratic Party (sverigedemokraterna)!

They purport to be tough on immigration and so forth, while simultaneously having severn Iraqi members in their party!

Remind you of a similar group of pretenders here in the U.K?

This article published on the 12.09.2010 on the National Democrat website explains.

Square Meeting in Vimmerby

On Saturday September 11th National Democrats arranged a meeting at the market square in Vimmerby.

The first candidate to speak was Rasmus Brink Farm, other candidate Richard Fire, and party leader Marc Abramsson.

On the square there was a task that was about security and several other parties were represented by the information desk.

Nevertheless, it was still not as many Saturday strollers out there, something that may have been due to the unstable weather. Although an occasional journalist seemed to square to watch the meeting.

Today's first speaker, the National Democratic Party leader Marc Abramsson, started talking around half past one.

Abramsson started by telling you that the Department of Vimmerby have a great chance to get into the City Council.

He continued by talking about the countryside in these hard times, and how it is is exposed.

The established politicians passion today for people to move into the cities while they encourage development where the small-scale farms are replaced by large industrial farming.

Abramsson also raised the situation in his own domicile (Constiuency?).

Södertälje is well known for its multi-ethnic population, which has led to attention problems and conflicts.

It has created quite different communities based on ethnicity.

He also tells how the insecurity began to flourish as the politicians' multicultural society experiment began to emerge.

After some music so it's time for the National Democratic Party's first candidate to Vimmerby City, Rasmus Brink Farm, to speak.

He deals with school choice that had taken place earlier this week on Vimmerby high school and the reactions that followed the outcome.

The results showed that one in three students had chosen to vote in a critical immigration party, the National Democrats received seven percent.

He points out that it was appalling that the local newspaper had gone out and accused students of being xenophobic, and that one of the school's social studies teacher said that teaching, given the outcome, must now be reviewed.

Farm Brink says although the Department of Vimmerby, what has been achieved and the hard work that has been done in the department's four-year existence.

He concludes by telling you why the National Democrats are a better option for the municipality than the Sweden Democrats.

He spoke in particular about the SD's populism and lack of involvement in the municipality.

The next speaker is the National Democratic candidate for the second Vimmerby City, trebarnspappan Richard Brand.

He spoke in particular about the immoral immigration policy, a policy that has been driven by bad practices which have been totally disrespectful to the Swedish people.

He also dealt with the reactions that came after the school selection results and urges students not to take on board when the media and undemocratic teacher who accused them of being xenophobic.

He concludes by urging people to vote on the National Democrats to the council instead of the Sweden Democrats, the ND is a more active and sustainable options that can really make a difference.

Left: Nick Griffin and wife with Marc Abramsson.

Party Leader Marc Abramssons speech concluded today's square by a speech where he describes the differences between the National Democrats and the Sweden Democrats nationally.

He points to several factors, which means that the SD will never be the one that turns evolution.

For example, the SD has several Iraqis on party lists and really do not care in the Swedish people as an ethnic group.



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