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Monday, 27 September 2010

West Midlands Police dealing with one gun incident a week

Left: B515 gang of Birmingham.

Multicultural area's of Birmingham are regular hosts to gun battles, and robberies involving guns.

Gangs such as the B515 are mainly made up of black teenagers, although Pakistani gangs have appeared in recent years, in order to protect their drug trade.

The Birmingham Mail reports - POLICE are now being called out to a gun incident in Birmingham on average once a week.

The full scale of the city’s gun problem is exposed today, as the Mercury details how police have responded to 30 gun-related crimes already this year.

Chillingly, gangland sources say there is no end in sight for the plague of firearms violence.

And one Birmingham dad, whose son was left fighting for life after being shot in the back in broad daylight by gang members, fears the streets are not safe.

“I’m not surprised by the fact that there’s been 30 gun incidents. I don’t think enough is being done, it is still a huge problem,” said the 52-year-old, who asked not to be named.

“It’s very scary out there. I didn’t bring my lad into this world to see him gunned down in the street.

“There seems to be an attitude that if they’re just shooting each other then it’s OK – sooner or later the ones who did it will be wiped out – but innocent people are getting hurt.

“There’s 30 incidents that we know about, but that’s probably only half the story. A lot goes unreported because these lads don’t want to go to hospital or get involved with the police.

“Lives are wasted on both sides, young lads are getting killed or maimed for life, and the ones doing the shooting are getting sent to prison for 20 years or more. Families are hurting every way you look at it.

“Nothing has changed. If anything, it is getting worse.”

His son was attacked by the teen B515 street gang, who wear black and white bandanas and have posted boasts online about drug dealing and carrying guns.

They are part of a wave of teenage gangs operating in some areas of Birmingham.

“I was told by one of the officers who came over when my son was shot that the police dread the summer months,” the doting dad said.

“It’s like Christmas, it’s guaranteed every year. Summer hits and the gun crime starts. It shows no signs of stopping.

“The people who are being caught are getting younger and younger. They’ve got blind loyalty to the older lads and they are trying to earn themselves a reputation.” Read more


barceman 6 October 2010 at 03:26  

why do police act like they care about gun crime were did the guns come from in the first pllace im sure it wernt these black kids on the streets today its the highher ones who bring these stuff in an an munipulate blk peoples minds to use an kill each other look at the big picture we onli know what weve been shown ie films(progrsammin us to dis stuff

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