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Sunday, 26 September 2010

Brum Yardies arrested in Scotland for selling crack cocaine

Left: Crack cocaine.

The Sunday Mercury reports how Jamaicans from Birmingham have been spreading the 'benefits' of multiculturalism north of the border.

YARDIE gangsters from Birmingham have been arrested on suspicion of trying to hook Scottish heroin addicts onto crack cocaine.

Thirty drug dealing suspects were arrested in police raids in a red light area of Edinburgh last week.

Cops believe they moved to the city especially to get foothold in the drugs market there.

Thousands of pounds of crack was also seized along with heroin and herbal cannabis.

Hooded men of West Indian origin were seen being led out of one flat after police smashed down the door with a hydraulic battering ram at 6.30am.

Cops investigated their movements for six months along with the help of the council before conducting the raids.

The UK Border Agency also helped detectives as some of the gangsters illegally emigrated to Britain from Jamaica. Read more


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