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Monday, 6 September 2010

Birmingham Police launch two-week crackdown on school bus crime (robbery)

Left: Derek Taylor was scared for life in Febuary 2010 while travelling on a bus.

Derek was rushed to Barnet Hospital before being referred to a specialist at Chase Farm Hospital, in Enfield, where 17 pieces of glass were picked out of his face. A spokesman for Barnet police said they had been notified of the attack and were making inquiries to track down the robbers, who were described as black, between 15 and 16 years old and wearing black clothing.

Birmingham police are due to launch a so called crack down on robbery on Birmingham buses.

The Birmingham Mail reports - BACK-to-school bus services in Birmingham will be flooded with police this week to try to stop a traditional spike in crime figures.

More than 100 officers will be involved in the crackdown on the network
as pupils return to class.

But police chiefs say the main focus of the initiative is to protect vulnerable schoolchildren carrying expensive phones, iPods, laptops and other electrical gadgets – rather than to prevent them from carrying out offences.

The two-week long Operation – codenamed Operation Hay – will see officers meet pupils at school gates and travel on the busiest feeder routes in to the city centre. Read more

Robbery on buses in Birmingham has been a major problem for years.

Top deck buses in Birmingham, as in other multicultural cities, can be very dangerous places.

The perpetrators are overwhelmingly black, and sometimes Pakistani.

No prises for guessing what colour the victims usually are, welcome to 'city of culture contender 2010', welcome to multiracial Birmingham!

Here is a group of savages who robbed mobile phones from innocent passengers during three incidents in Birmingham between March and May 2010.

Note how the reprehensible simian on the bottom left laughs as he terrifies his victims!

Low life's such as this clearly see their hyena like behaviour as 'getting back at whitey'.

This isn't to say Indians or Chinese don't suffer from such crimes, anyone who works hard and minds their own business is a target.

Back in May 2010 The Birmingham Mail reported - POLICE have called for Birmingham Mail readers’ help to catch this group of violent mobile phone bus robbers.

The gang were caught by CCTV cameras on the top deck of Birmingham buses threatening and attacking passengers for their mobiles.

Officers investigating the three offences, which all happened on the Number 9 service heading out of the city, are confident they are linked.

The three robberies all happened in March and April this year, with a similar pattern.

In the first at about 8.30pm on March 17, the victim was sitting on the top deck when he was approached by a man who ordered him towards the back of the bus.

When he refused, a second man blocked the stairs and the pair ordered him to hand over any valuables, including his ‘phone.
CCTV images of a gang of violent mobile phone bus robbers.

Left: CCTV from the March 30th 2010 incident.

When he handed over the mobile he walked down the stairs and was grabbed and punched by the men.

Less than a fortnight later on March 30, at around the same time, a group of six men got on the bus and four surrounded the victim, demanding his phone.

He barged through them and ran for the stairs, but was jumped on by one of the men who sent both of them crashing into the footwell.

In the third incident on April 29, this time later at around 10.35pm, two victims were approached by three offenders who demanded their mobile phones. When the victims refused the man used violence to force the phones from the victims, punching them several times. END

School kids in mutiracial areas all over Britain are facing these terrible situations and the problem is growing.

It is about time bus conducters were introduced to sit top deck in 'enriched' areas.

For the mean time educate your family and friends, don't sit on the top deck alone when travelling through such a slum (sorry area) and keep your wits about you!

If you see such a crime happening try to call the police, or press the bus bell, 3 TIMES TO ALERT THE DRIVER OF DISTRESS.

Stay safe, vote BNP!


extant 7 September 2010 at 08:32  

What a coincidence-
My sons 14 year old friend was beaten so badly by 4 blacks in Newport South Wales on Friday, he is now in Hospital and cannot even remember his name.
His crime-

Firstly he is white and he walked on his own through one of South Wales "enriched" areas !!

Anonymous 7 September 2010 at 10:55  

Extant it is, and has been for the last twenty years at epidemic proportions!

Most of these sickening incidents do not make the news of course.

I hope your friend's son gets a crime number and applies for compensation.

Maybe take some photo's and report it to the local press as a race attack.

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