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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Martin Smith UAF convicted of assault on a police officer

Left: Martin Smith, UAF National Organiser, LMHR Organiser and leader of the tiny Socialist worker party.

Here he is slagging off the Union flag and bad mouthing patriotic Brit's.

Despite pressure from trade unions and labour Marxist sympathisers to drop the charges against this cockroach, Smith now has a criminal record for assault.

Better be careful from now on Martin, could be jail next time.

The court did not jail Martin. Instead it sentenced him to 80 hours unpaid work, 350 costs, and £100 payment to the police officer.


The Sentinel 14 September 2010 at 15:07  

Weyman "Lampshade" Bennett, along with other UAF thugs, is under investigation for Conspiracy To Organise Violent Disorder. A serious charge, which if proven, carries a tariff of five years imprisonment.
(It is rumoured among UAF circles that Bennett and the other creature, Smith, have been singing like canaries, implicating others of the Clawhammer Gang in a bid to stay out of jail.)
Meanwhile, Union commissars are publicly calling for potentially ruinous and riotous public sector strikes, and inciting others, including the 'unemployed' (presumably including those made unemployed due to the conspiracy between Union commissars and Frau Mandelson et al) to join in the disorder to the extent of harrassing the public by climbing public buildings and marauding around in fancy dress.
But if the singing canary and his cohorts are being investigated, it would seem reasonable that the Union commisars should be similarly arraigned, and, by extension, David "Clawhammer" Cameron, who is a member of and signatory to the the entire thing.
All the names are here -
" ... Mr Cameron said he wanted to build the "maximum consensus" and"maximum coalition" over the issue. That approach is likely to disappoint some in the Tory ranks who believe the unions need to be tackled head-on."

Meanwhile -

Well, well ......

Anonymous 14 September 2010 at 20:23  

Most interesting Sentinel.

Thanks for commenting.

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