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Friday, 20 August 2010

Front Nationale Belgium candidate victim of arson

Left: Natalie Pirson. Front Nationale Belgium candidate.

Translated from French via Front National Belgium website

On Wednesday 9 to Thursday, 10.06.2010 a candidate in elections on 13 June in the House (4 th actual) for the province of Namur, Pirson Nathalie, was the victim of arson that hit her home.

By making use of Molotov cocktails (sic) that three "young", including a minor, who belong to his neighborhood, have decided to show their disagreement with the political views of our courageous candidate.

Her house was totally destroyed, his family, including two young children narrowly escaped death thanks to the brave firefighters of Namur.

It had been several weeks that these "young" thugs have reproached her involvement in the National Front and harassing her for that reason.

The judge Namur placed under arrest the two "young" adults, while the minor was placed in IPPJs.

The National Front could only express its solidarity with a candidate victim of this hatred by these youths, and calls our countrymen to rescue Natalie Pirson giving or lending her clothes and furniture to rehouse.

Her email address is nathalie.pirson @

Any sign of solidarity is welcome and it will warm the heart!

The Front Nationale Belgium are allies of the BNP in the European Parliment. The party was founded in 1985 and is lead by Daniel Huygens.

The left may scoff at the British National Party winning no M.P's last time round. The immigrants may become more cocky as they think Europe is finished.

But take heart, just because one nationalist party is currently on the back foot, it only takes one to make a break through. Geert Wilders Dutch Freedom Party recently caused ripples when his nationalist party won 2 million votes.

Keep the faith!

Below is Front Nationale Belgian chamber of representative results.

1985 3,738 0.1% 0
1987 7,596 0.1% 0
1991 64,992 1.1% 1
1995 138,496 2.3% 2
1999 90,401 1.5% 1
2003 130,012 1.98% 1
2007 131,385 1.97% 1


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