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Monday, 23 August 2010

Universities woo foreign students but close door on Britons in 'two-tier' clearing system

Left: Communist Prime Ministers Cameron/Brown/Clegg and the Marxist sickos of the UAF.

They all support overseas students getting places at university, at the expense of indigenous British people.

Picture courtesy of Amber Valley Matters

The Daily Mail reports - Sixth-formers face a 'two-tier' clearing system as elite universities shut their doors to competent British applicants while continuing to recruit overseas students paying up to £20,000 a year.

Prestigious institutions including Edinburgh, Nottingham, Liverpool, Cardiff, York and Exeter are taking advantage of rules which strictly limit numbers of British students while placing no restriction on the lucrative international market.

Some universities will only enter the clearing system for international students while others will offer a greater variety of courses to candidates applying from outside the European Union.

Clearing opens as A-level results are issued on Thursday.

University life: Competition for places is intense, with students from across the globe wanting to study in Britain

As home applicants face mass rejections, institutions admit they will advertise some places in clearing as being available only to international students.

Ministers admitted that up to 3,500 candidates with three straight As in their A-levels are expected to be turned away this year, as well as tens of thousands of others with decent grades that would previously have landed them a place. Read more


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