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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

90 year old white woman raped by 3 blacks in Detroit

Detroit Michigan is a city were most white people have left. The official reason is the closure of the General Motors automobile factory.

The unreported reason is that with such a high percentage of blacks living in Detroit (82%), it has been unsafe for whites for years.

My Fox Detroit reports - Police are looking for the men who allegedly (sic) raped a 90-year-old woman. That elderly woman is still in the hospital.

Holding back his emotions, he is a grandson filled with rage. The focus of his anger are two men in their thirties accused of brutally attacking his 90-year-old grandmother.

"I called her. She didn't answer the phone. I walked in and she wasn't where she normally is," said Gordon Mosley.

Pinned behind her bed; that is how the men allegedly left her and he found her. They are accused of breaking in a side entrance at 10:00 p.m. Thursday.

Mosely said, "She woke up with one of them on top of her, and she tried to fight them off, but she's 90 years old. How much fighting is she going to do?"

"(She) said that they raped her," Mosely added. "They got to be the scum of the earth. They better hope the police find them before we find them." read more

Hat tip Detroit is crap


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