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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Blacks decide to start devil's night earley - Detroit burns

Left: Black owned liqueur store in downtown Detroit.

As Arthur Kemp wrote in his 2005 book March of the Titans

"According to the 2000 US census, 88% of Detroit's population is non-White. This percentage is even higher in the city center. Detroit qualifies as the most ruined city in the USA. In addition to massive White Flight, the non-White residents started the tradition - which has spread to other cities - of "Devil's Night". This is the habit or burning down parts of the city on the night before Halloween".

Detroit has a black mayor, councillors, police chiefs, and fire superintendents.

The city is in massive decline however, rape, violent crime, and murder are the highest in America.

The liberals will point to the closure of car plants as the main reason.

This ostrich like logic is of course nonsense. There are many cities in America that have had their industry decimated by greedy capitalists who practice free trade and shipping jobs abroad.

The reasons for Detroit's collapse are all too obvious.

Video from Detroit is crap


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