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Sunday, 14 November 2010

The Sunday Service 7/11/2010 with Rev Robert West of The British National Party

Left: Reverend Robert West.

Rev Robert West gives a Sunday Service via the British National Party radio station - Red White and Blue.

Listen here

The Rev Robert West writes...The attempt by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission to crush the British National Party is an assault on freedom of association which will negatively impact on all Christians, regardless of their political beliefs, the Reverend Robert West has said.

In this week’s Sunday sermon broadcast, the Reverend West said the real objective of the EHRC’s attack on the BNP was “a political one of oppression of a political party and the dispossession of a people.

“What is crucial for Christians to understand is that this is also done in the context of a media, legal and government campaign against Christians and their views and values,” he said. Read more


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