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Saturday, 30 January 2010

Unite union sees fit to meddle in politics and lobby to close down American Renaissance conference

Nick Griffin — “Victory Against All Odds.” Mr. Griffin is chairman of the British National Party. In June 2009 he stunned the political establishment by winning a seat in the European Parliament, representing North West England. He is widely recognized as one of Britain’s most colorful and dynamic young politicians. Nick Griffin is a keynote speaker at the Ninth American Conference 2010.

The Unite union has sent a letter to the hotel holding the conference, implying that they speak for 3 million Brits! As i understand it most people are in a union because they are afraid of losing their jobs. The union gives a large amount of it's subs to the Labour party, the Labour party support the unite union, and if anyone raises concerns about the arrangement they are labeled a Nazi.

There is no reason why Nick Griffin shouldn't attend the conference. It will generate world wide interest, as nation after nation rejects multiculturalism. Many countries in Europe and beyond look to the successes of the Front Nationale, and the British National Party as inspiration. As the Marxist plan to bastardize Europe and the Western world by stealth fails, left wing organizations are going all out (with taxpayers money/union subs) to discredit the noble cause of nationalism.

I advise anyone reading this who is in Unite to cancel their direct debit and join Solidarity (Union for British patriots)

The Author of the complaint can be reached below
Saba Mozakka, Unite, 020 7420 8916,


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