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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Stechford squaddie stitched up by Sunday newspapers for being a BNP member

Firstly, it is perfectly legal for members of the armed forces to be members of the BNP! The Birmingham mail reports that Anthony Phillips 21 who is an Iraqi veteran had to go AWOL after a Sunday newspaper published pictures of him (allegedly) sieg hieling, and separate photo's of him sporting a Nazi style tattoo.

Mr Phillips sister Andrea, a 24-year-old mum-of-two, said the picture of him appearing to make Nazi salutes was taken out of context.
She said: “He’s far from a Nazi. The photo was taken at his grandma’s funeral. They were pointing to a picture of his grandma".

The papers of course are looking to catch anyone out who supports the BNP as the election gets closer. Mr Phillips sister added:
“So what if he is a member of the BNP? He has every right to express his views.“He’s a soldier fighting for his country and people are stabbing him in the back. It’s not fair.”
Well said, all this guy appears to be guilty of is having a tattoo that someone doesn't like. Interesting how the Mail decides not to print a picture of this tattoo. Is it because maybe it is not Nazi after-all, and the photograph taken out of context is what has caused the young private all these problems?

Such uncertainty didn't deter Labour MP Steve McCabe from putting the (jack) boot in, he said; “Membership of the BNP is inconsistent with the values of the British Armed Forces.“Army personnel are supposed to uphold the values of the Crown and the BNP’s views conflict with those.”

In your opinion Mr McCabe, in your opinion! What authority do you have to tell the public about the Army and it's values? With his background of social work and lecturing in social work, I would suggest Mr McCabe doesn't know the first thing about military life, or about the honor that is due to veterans such as Anthony Phillips.

I say again, it is perfectly legal for members of the armed forces to be a member of the BNP! Only the police has a membership bar at present, which is unconstitutional and likely to change. Vote BNP!

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